Toughman Half

TOUGHMAN Course: Bike

BIKE COURSE - 56 Miles


You will be riding on rte 9/9a for a 28m loop that you will do twice. This is a totally CLOSED TO CAR TRAFFIC bike course!

You will exit the Croton Point Park onto Croton Point Ave. From Croton Point Ave you will enter 9/9a Southbound and bear left onto 9a. There will be a nice climb for about .75m at approximately 6% grade. The course makes a 180 turn (just south of North State Rd in Briarcliff Manor) going NORTH in the left lane (still in the Southbound direction). You will pass Croton Point Park on your left and continue NORTH (in the Southbound lane) until you make a 180 turn at Bear Mtn Parkway (in Peekskill) going SOUTH (now back in right lane going Southbound).
Loop 2 will follow the same route.
You will exit Rte 9 onto Half Moon Bay Drive and make a right turn on Elliot Way (.2m) and make a right turn onto the Bike Path. This will be a NO PASS ZONE for .5m. You will make a right turn onto Croton Point Ave and finish at T2.
There will be 2 BOTTLE Exchanges with popup bottles of water and popup bottles of electrolyte fluid replacement.

*same for aquabike

There will be 4 bike shops for bike support.


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