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Community Fund

The TOUGHMAN Community Fund Program provides race participants (athletes, volunteers and race staff) an opportunity to support their community or charitable organization by participating in the 2014 Westchester TOUGHMAN Race Event Weekend. The event will take place at Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson, New York in September 2014.

Who can participate?

In order to participate in the TOUGHMAN Community Fund (“The Program”), you must be a registered TOUGHMAN Program Participant.

A “TOUGHMAN Program Participant” (a.k.a. “Program Participant”) is defined as a registered and participating: 1) athlete, 2) volunteer or 3) race staff member in the 2013 Westchester TOUGHMAN Race Event.

A Program Participant is an athlete who has completed their race registration requirements on-line and has received their official race entry confirmation. A Program Participant can also be a volunteer or race staff member who has completed their registration via: ToughmanCommunityFund. Athlete race entries are not provided through the TOUGHMAN Community Fund site.

What are the participation requirements?

* Athletes must personally pickup their race numbers and show proof of USTA membership; they must be present at the start of the race and must complete the first of three race events; Therefore, completion of all three race events is not a requirement.

* Volunteer members must personally check-in on race day prior to the race start with the Volunteer Committee, go to their assigned location and race support duties. A minimum of four hours of volunteer service is required to meet participation requirements.

* Race Staff members must meet their organizational and race event responsibilities in order to meet participation requirements.

When can I start community fundraising?

A Program Participant may begin fundraising immediately following completing their program registration requirements described above.

Can I be employed by the nonprofit organization?

A Program Participant may not be employed by the nonprofit organization for which funds are being raised.

Can others help me raise funds?

Program Participants may use the assistance of other people in collecting and raising funds for their cause. All funds must be collected expressly for the TOUGHMAN Community Fund with the expressed intent of directing these funds to the Program Participants declared benefactor.

How many benefactors can I declare?

Program Participants must declare one and only one benefactor. A benefactor is defined as a charity, organization, community group or individual.

How can funds be raised?

Funds may be raised through donations only. All donated funds must be made via the Community Fund website.

The TOUGHMAN Race Organization does not collect any money from Program Participants.

What is the deadline date for raising funds?

The fund raising deadline is in effect as of 11:59pm on the date of the race event.

When do the funds get sent to the benefactor?

All funds contributed to the TOUGHMAN Community Fund less administrative fees will be sent to the designated beneficiaries within four to five weeks following the TOUGHMAN race event. The entire total funds raised will be counted towards each athlete’s fundraising total. Any funds received between the fundraising deadline and when an athlete's fundraising site closes, one month following the race, will be sent to the benefactor shortly after the site is closed.

Why are fees taken out of the online donations?

Our web service provider must cover their costs for operating the site and our processing of payments (which includes paying the credit card company fees and administrative costs associated with running the TCF).”


For TOUGHMAN Community Fund information contact Rich Izzo at: